Searching For The Dolphins

For those who complained about too much text and too few pictures, I have added this gallery.

This was a morning boat cruise from Lovina Beach in search of dolphins. We didn’t need to look for the trip, the trip found us! While sitting in the car in a random place before the sunrise, with the inside light on, we were recognized by a local fisherman as a group of tourists. What else could we be looking for in Lovina so early, being bule?

We set off when it was still pretty dark. The dramatic sunrise was just a prelude to what we saw next. Dolphins hold that mystical element to me, that I only find in them and in horses. I don’t know how to describe this element – something between wisdom and dignity.


I know that for you most probably each photo looks like all other ones, but for me each picture is unique! Oh, and also – the dolphins were moving way too fast for my camera and that’s why none of the pictures is good. To compensate for the poor quality of pictures I give you a corresponding song:

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I am not a traveler. I love my home country - Poland, my favourite activity is lying in my bed with my cat and I cannot stay vertical without my morning coffee. But at the same time, I love my life and everything it offers to me. Once I got accepted for a yearly scholarchip in Indonesia, I packed my backpack, gave my crying parents a goodbye kiss each and came to Bali.

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